Falcon Marine

Falcon Marine builds boats for two of the fastest catamaran classes in the world. The F16 and F18. They are also the only builder to make these boats in the US and North America. Falcon will also build your boat to order giving you the opportunity to customize colors to your liking.


Falcon Marine F16

The F16 is a lightweight boat built to the F16 rule. The F16 rule states the parameters to be met and then each builder can then do what they want as long as the boat measures within those parameters. The F16 rule allows for a different construction materials which in turn gives the customer more choices in how their boat is made. The F 16 is also much lighter than many boats its size which makes it great for youths, couples, or singlehanders.


Falcon Marine F18

The F18 is the fastest growing catamaran class in the world. Like the F16 it is built to a rule and anyone can build a boat as long as it fits in the rule. The F18 rule is stricter than the F16 so there are less options available, but in return the racing is very competitive.