Precison Sailboats

Precision Boat Works has been building trailerable sailboats for the past 36 years. Value is engineered into each design and quality is built into every boat. Precision leads the industry in small trailerable sailboats. Their line consists of two daysailors both availble with centerboards or keels, two "pocket cruisers", and two overnighter/weekenders ranging in size from 15 to 23 feet.


Precision 15

Precision P15 undersail leftward

The Precision 15 is available in both a centerboard or keel version. With its wide beam,and high freeboard the 15 gives you the look and feel of a much larger boat. However, it still has the performance and lively feel you would expect from a 15 daysailor. The Precision 15's size makes it a great boat for the whole family or a group of friends.

Precision 185

Precision p185boat

The Precision 185 takes everything that is great about her smaller 15foot sibling stability, lively performance, eliable handling and safetyand adds a dose of speed and acceleration. The 185 brings the big daysailor into the 21st century. It has simpler more rigging, a selfdraining less cluttered cockpit, and comparable performance in a moreeconomical package. And like her little sister, the 185 is alsoavailable with a full keel.

Pocket Cruisers

Precision 165

Precision p165boat

The Precision 165 is designed to deliver good performance, basic accommodations, trailerabilty at a reasonable price. It has a large cockpit modest room for two below and fixed lead bulb keel. The 165 can be easily trailered with it 3-stayed rig but it still has plenty of power to push you along.

Precision 18

Precision p18boat

The Precision 18 can be trailered by almost any 6 cylinder and also many 4 cylinder vehicles today. The 18 is smaller and lighter weight than many of its contemaries so you so not have to by a special vehicle to tow your boat around. However, the 18 still gives you room for two below and the perforance you expect from a Precision.


Precision 21

Precision P21 sepiareflection

The Precision 21 has everything you need to getaway for the weekend in 21 foot package. There is enough room for 4 below to sleep and eat, a built in galley, cooler and room for an optional porta potti. Weighing less than 3000 pounds with the trailer, the Precision 21 can be towed by most 6 cylinder vehicles.

Precision 23

Precision p23boat

The Precision 23 is the opposite of many of its Precision counterparts.Where most of the other models try to work everything into sizes and weight ranges for smaller vehicles, the 23 spares no space and is one of the largest easily trailered cruisers out there.It has room for 4 adults to sleep in its spacious cabin. There is also still room for a built galley with a two-burner stove, cooler, an optional porta, fold down table.