Get out the water when you want.  Rent Hobie® Mirage kayaks and Eclipses, or Hobie stand-up paddleboards.  Our rentals are conveniently located at our new location at 43 North Marina outside Brewerton, NY.  You can use them right off our Oneida Lake ramp or take your rental to a location of your choice.  We can also deliver to you, if you cannot transport it yourself.  

We offer a variety of rental options.  We have Hobie Mirage kayaks with the classic drive in single and tandem models, and MirageDrvive® 180 equipped models in single versions including a Pro Angler 12 and 14.   If you would rather stand up while on the water we offer regular paddleboards and the Hobie Mirage Eclipse stand up pedal boards.

Rates                                                  1 hour                  4 hours                24 hours              Weekend                Week

Hobie Mirage Compass                $20                       $40                       $80                       $120                     $160
                                                             $20 per hour after allotted time

Hobie MirageDrive 180                $25                       $50                       $100                     $150                     $200
 Kayaks*, Compass Duo &            
$25 per hour after allotted time
 Mirage Eclipse*

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler             $35                       $75                       $150                     $200                     $250
 12 and 14
                                          $35 per hour after allotted time

Stand-up Paddleboards                $15                       $30                       $70                       $100                     $130
                                                             $15 per hour after allotted time

Life Jacket                                        $5


Call us for reservations anytime.  A 50% deposit is required at time of reservation. Full week and weekend reservations take precedent over shorter term reservations.

Deposit refunds will be given if reservation is cancelled up to 24 hours prior to scheduled pick up time.   No refunds given if cancelled with-in 24 hours of scheduled pick up.

Delivery and Pick-up

Above pricing is for rentals picked up at South Bay Sail and Kayak

Delivery and pick-up service is available.

For delivery locations with-in ½ hour of South Bay Sail and Kayak $50
 For delivery locations with-in 1 hour of South Bay Sail and Kayak $100

 Kayak rentals include kayak, MirageDrive and paddle (2 MirageDrives & 2 paddles w/Compass Duo)
 Paddleboard rentals include paddleboard, adjustable paddle and leash

*MirageDrive 180 models available: Sport, Revolution 11, Revolution 13, Outback  

**Eclipse models available:   Eclipse 10.5 Dura and 12.0 Dura